Who We Are

VIP Novelty Docs is helping people find happiness

One document at a time

The crew at VIP Novelty Docs is made up of talented, passionate, and experienced members. Our biggest asset in providing real and fake documents, novelty IELTS, car title, and many more is this team of happy individuals.

VIP Novelty Docs believes in the freedom to explore the world. We hope that someday the process of travelling will become more democratized. This is why we are invested in providing novelty travel documents to help those who lack these papers to beat immigration.

At the same time, our hearts flutter when we hear about the stories of underdogs who went on to get a quality education. In contrary, it breaks our heart when we hear stories of people who are deprived because they lack school certificates.

This understanding directs our initiative to create facilities and systems that help provide novelty certificates. Today, we are one of the most prolific providers of IELTS and novelty certificates to customers around the world.